Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (2023)

If there’s anybody who knows how to create a flawless look for a big royal occasion, it’s A-list make-up artist Hannah Martin. She’s famed for creating beautiful bridal looks for both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, and she was on glam squad duties for the princesses at the Platinum Jubilee too.

Her signature look is all about a flawless, you-but-better glow – so how does achieve it? To find out we asked Hannah for her tips for perfect, long-lasting daytime make-up - fit for royalty and perfect for adding pizazz to your own street party look. You'll thank us when you don't smudge lipstick all over your coronation quiche!

You can also get more of her expertise via her Instagram, where she shares her incredible DIY makeovers and all her latest beauty must-haves with her 346,000 followers.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (1)

1: Layer up your skincare

The best way to make your make-up last all day is to have lots of light layers. I start with a hydrating spritz, then eye cream, serum, moisturiser and SPF. Some people think 'I need make-up to last all day, I'll just go for a really long-wearing foundation'. But if you jump straight in with that and skip the skincare steps, your foundation will go patchy.”

Hannah loves: Et Al 3-in-1 Face Mist, £35, coming soon here, Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream, £66 here, Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum, £63 here; Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser, from £20 here; La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50, £19.90 here.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (2)

2: Add a little juice

It's rare I would use this as the only moisturiser but Weleda Skin Food, from £8.25 here, is great to just tap it in wherever skin needs extra juice.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (3)

3: Lighten up on base

Wear the lightest coverage foundation you can get away with. Full-coverage foundation has a time and place but for daytime, it can make skin look worse. If you’ve prepped your skin properly, even a light, dewy base will last throughout the day.

Hannah loves: Max Factor Miracle Touch Second Skin, £12.99 here; L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Plumping Tinted Serum, £14.99 here

4: Choose tools you're comfortable with

A brush gives foundation a lovely finish, but if you’re happier using fingers, stick with that. Just take care not to dispense too much product so you end up rubbing it in like moisturiser - it won’t last as well if you inadvertently use more than you need.

5: Embrace a setting powder

When you need make-up to last, setting powder really does help. Lots of people say, 'I don't want to use any powder' but textures are so much finer now. You do need to be patient and allow your make-up time to air-dry though. If it’s still tacky when you apply powder, it’s going to congeal. Also, really work the powder into the skin or it's just going to sit on the surface.

Finally, use your product selectively. Only powder areas where you have unwanted shine. For everywhere else, glow is great.

Hannah loves: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish, £38 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (5)

6: Use concealer sparingly

Apply only the tiniest dot of concealer, blend, then set with powder. You might not erase the imperfections completely but you minimise their appearance which is better in daylight than an obvious patch of concealer.’

7: Tackle dark circles in two steps

To disguise under-eye shadows, always use colour corrector before applying concealer. A pinky-toned corrector will cancel out purple-blue shadows, and a peachy tone balances brown shadows. Layering and layering heavy duty-concealer isn’t flattering in daylight and if you’ve not neutralised the undertones they will still show through anyway.

Hannah loves: Bobbi Brown Corrector Stick, £26 here, followed by Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, £27 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (6)

8: Double up on bronzer

Use the light layers approach for your bronzer so it lasts all day. Start by layering a cream bronzer which you can then set and intensity with a powder-based product.

Hannah loves: Iconic London Sheer Bronze, £21 here, Revolution Ultra Cream Bronzer, £6 here, Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, £36 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (7)

9: Add shape to your face

Bronzer adds a lovely definition to your face for a daytime event. Instead of just applying it all over, try sweeping it along cheekbones and then doing a parallel sweep from the tail of the brow into the temples. Then blend away any edges. The negative space between the two sweeps creates a lifted effect.

10: Stay centred with your blusher

Blusher is my essential for a healthy glow. I'm still a massive fan of placing it in the centre of the apples of the cheeks, then blending it out. There are lots of blusher trends like draping, where it’s applied to the side of the face, but if you don't have colour near the centre, you don’t have that lovely luminosity when you’re seen front-on. You can use the layers technique here too, starting with cream blusher and intensifying with powder so it stays put.

Hannah loves: e.l.f Putty Cream blush, £6 here; Hourglass Vanish Stick Cream Blush, £45 here, NARS Powder Blush, £28 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (8)

11: Make your brows bullet-proof

One of the best things to do before a big event is to get your brows tinted. It gives your face definition and it can’t budge or smudge. You can then be strategic with brow make-up, just using it to fill in any gaps. Or if you’re applying make-up to the whole brow, use a brow gel to create the shape, then go over with a powder - I’m obsessed with Anastasia Brow Powders, £22 here. The powder grabs onto the gel so it stays in place longer. If I want extra insurance, I’ll go in with a final layer of clear gel so it lasts all day.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (9)

12: Pick pomade for all-day results

If I need to intensify a brow after I’ve applied brow powder, I’ll use a pomade afterwards. Pencils are good too but some are so soft they go a bit greasy-looking as the skin warms up.”

Hannah loves: Blink Brow Bar Sculpting Pomade, £19 here, Benefit POWmade Brow Pomade, £20.50 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (10)

13: Lock your eyeshadow in place

To really lock eyeshadow on, I'll do an under-layer with a long-wear cream-based eyeshadow like MAC Paintpot, £19 here. You can do a neutral tone or a shade that correlates to the eyeshadow you're planning on wearing. It creates a matte base which eyeshadow can then stick onto, which avoids drop-down.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (11)

14: Choose neutral tones

For a daytime event, my go-to would be an understated neutral eye with a soft sheen. I like mushroomy eyeshadow tones for lighter skin, bronzes for darker skin, then a matching tone for liner. It’s effortless chic, and it wears well throughout the day.

Hannah loves: Et Al Nude Glow palette , coming here soon, £30, Rimmel Magnifeyes Nude Edition, £9.99 here

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (12)

15: Softly does it with a smokey eye

A smokey eye doesn’t have to be dark. You can do a really gorgeous day glam with just slightly smoky mushroom or bronze at the lashline. You don’t need heavy contouring or shading into the eye crease. Even the most spectacular smokey eye can look really hard in natural daylight.

16: Diffuse your eyeliner

Instead of going straight on with the liner, I like to rub the product onto my hand, then get it onto a smudging brush and buff it onto the roots of the lashes. That ensures it’s very diffused, very soft and beautiful for daytime.

17: Use an all-day mascara

Choose your mascara carefully for an all day event. HUDA Legit Lashes, £28 here , is incredible: there’s one end for volume and one for lengthening, and it really withstands heat and humidity. Excellent budget options include L’Oréal Paris Paradise, £11.99 here, and Avon Legendary Lengths, £9 here. Tubing mascaras, like the ones from Victoria Beckham and Trish McEvoy, don’t budge but you can't get volume with them.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (13)

18: Add intensity with the tight-liner technique

Tightling is a subtle trick but it just frames your eyes. Pull back your upper lashes so your waterline is exposed, and use a brush to work a product like Morphe Black Liner Gel, £10 here, into the roots of the lashes. Avoid getting it on the waterline itself as that will just transfer.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (14)

19: Opt for a liquid lip

Liquid lipstick is my go-to for an all day lip. I start with a liner then fill in with liquid. I’m a massive fan of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, £28 here. If clients are going to a big event, I’ll use that first, then add a glossy lipstick over the top. You’ve got a layer of lovely moist colour plus the insurance of the liquid colour underneath when the lipstick wears off.

Royal make-up artist has rules for all-day beauty, from liquid lips to layering (15)

20: And finally... avoid red lipstick regret

A bold lip is tricky for a daytime event. Even the longest-wearing formula is hard to maintain all day. There's nothing more annoying than naked pink lip skin coming through, with deep red lipstick around the outside. If you wear a bold lip, you’re just signing yourself up for a day of touch-ups or paranoia. You want to enjoy your day, you don't want to be thinking, ‘How is my lipstick?’


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  • FAQs

    How do you keep liquid lipstick on all day? ›

    Once your lipstick is on, blot the excess with a thin sheet or single ply of tissue paper. This takes away the excess oils from your lips, thus increasing its staying power. Apply a second coat of the liquid lipstick to increase the colour payoff and blot again.

    Can you layer liquid lipstick? ›

    Liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented therefore it's important to apply them in multiple thin layers, one coat at a time (with a minutes gap to let it dry). This allows you to get a smoother finish and a flawless application. One can also use a flat brush to ensure clean lines.

    How do you make lip makeup last all day? ›

    How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer
    1. Try Translucent Powder. ...
    2. Use a Lip Primer. ...
    3. Fill Your Lips In First. ...
    4. Stick to Multiple Thin Coats. ...
    5. Choose a Long-Wear Formula. ...
    6. DIY a Lip Stain. ...
    7. Blot, Then Powder. ...
    8. Exfoliate Your Lips.
    Jun 28, 2022

    What is the rule for lip liner? ›

    1) Your lip liner should be one shade darker than your natural lip colour. “Everyone has a different lip tone, so you need to pick [a lip liner] that's a shade darker than your natural colour, and go lighter with the lip colour in the centre.

    Can you put chapstick over liquid lipstick? ›

    Along with the mistakes we just mentioned, you may be tempted to apply lip balm over your liquid lipstick throughout the day—but don't. Doing so can affect how long the formula wears. Instead, be sure to prep your lips for liquid lipstick by applying a hydrating balm prior to coloring your lips.

    How do you layer lip products? ›

    "Lipstick layering is an easy way to make striking primary colors more wearable. Start by exfoliating lips and always use a primer when going bold, this way lipstick will go on more even and last longer. Also, it's important to apply a matte shade first (when possible) and then follow with a cream lipstick or gloss.

    Does liquid lipstick need lip liner? ›

    Line your lips with the rightlip liner before applying liquid lipstick. Not only will it prevent your lipstick from bleeding but will also give a better definition to the lips. If you do not have matching lip liners, using nude, neutral, or skin-coloured lip liners will do the trick.

    How do you keep liquid lipstick from smudging? ›

    After applying your lipstick, blot with a tissue. Next, place the tissue over your lips. Using an invisible setting powder and a fluffy blush brush, lightly tap the powder on to the tissue. The powder will absorb the excess moisture of the lipstick and keep it in place.

    How do you make liquid lipstick not crack? ›

    Wear a cream formula before the liquid one

    No one likes the appearance of cracks that form when you have been wearing liquid lipstick for too many hours. The best way to avoid this issue is to coat your lips in a cream lipstick formula and then apply your liquid lipstick over it.

    How do you keep lip gloss and lip liner on all day? ›

    Here are five easy tips developed by professionals that you can use to keep your gloss locked on your lips.
    1. Use Lip Liner. Using a lip liner allows your lip gloss to find the edges of your lips, and go no further. ...
    2. Try A Powder. ...
    3. Use It Over a Grippy Lipstick. ...
    4. Use a Balm Before You Gloss. ...
    5. Use a High-Quality Gloss.

    Can older ladies wear red lipstick? ›

    There is no reason why an older woman can't wear red lipstick. In fact, wearing a bold lip color like red can add drama to any look and be incredibly flattering on older women. Red lipstick can help draw attention away from wrinkles, soften the appearance of age spots, and make skin seem more youthful overall.

    What can you use instead of lip primer? ›

    Instead of using a lip primer, I wear foundation under my lipstick. Foundation creates an ideal canvas that bonds the lipstick to my lips, ensuring that it lasts all day. Wearing foundation on my lips has also saved me money since I don't have to worry about buying an additional product.

    Does lip liner go on or above lip? ›

    Starting at your cupid's bow, use your lip pencil to draw short strokes on the skin just above the natural boundary of your top lip. Once you've defined it, do the same on the center of your bottom lip.

    Can you put lip liner all over your lips? ›

    Whether it's because you're in a pinch and forgot your lipstick or simply because you really love the color of the lip liner, chances are you've used your lip liner as an impromptu lipstick. And if you have, then you know it can be a little drying.

    Do you put lip liner on first or last? ›

    One of the most important lipstick rules is that one should always apply lip liner before wearing lipstick.

    When should you throw out liquid lipstick? ›

    Most formulas—liquids, creams, and compacts—can last up to a year if kept out of direct sunlight and away from heaters. But once your liquid starts to separate, your cream thickens, or your compact color develops a rubbery aroma, it's time to toss it.

    Do you apply lipstick in the corners? ›

    Apply lipstick starting at the center of your lips, moving outward toward the corners. If you start at the corners of your mouth, you can end up drawing outside the lines, which won't make for an ideal beauty look. Starting at the center and moving out will give you more control.

    Why does my liquid lipstick crumble? ›

    Liquid lipsticks also have the tendency to pill or flake because, compared to bullets, their formulas are much drier. “Adding a lip oil or balm on top of your liquid lipstick should keep it from pilling, though,” says Lo.

    How many layers of lips do you have? ›

    One of the main differences is the thickness of the lips, as lips are made up of only about three to four layers of skin whereas the skin on our face has up to around sixteen layers. This makes the lips much thinner and therefore much less protected.

    How do makeup artists apply lip liner? ›

    Makeup artists suggest starting your liner application at your cupid's bow or the center part of your upper lip and tracing your top lip first. Continue to follow the natural lip line to the outer corners. After you line your upper lip, repeat on your bottom lip.

    How many layers of lip balm should I use? ›

    Whatever product you choose, apply before lipstick or lip gloss. To increase the effectiveness of lip protection, users should apply lip balm regularly. Normally, you need about 6 - 8 coats during the day, so apply the first coat of lip balm in the morning, the last at night and every few hours during the day.

    Do you need Lip Primer for liquid lipstick? ›

    If you're going to wear liquid lipstick, you'll want to prime your lips. First, to help keep them soft and plump, as well as to help the color last longer.

    Which lip liner is best for every lipstick? ›

    Always Go for the Same Color Family

    If there's one rule we really recommend sticking to, it's to always choose a lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For example, if your lipstick has purple undertones, choose a lip liner that also has purple undertones.

    Should lip liner be lighter or darker than lipstick? ›

    As a general rule of thumb. You'll want to use a lip liner that's one to two shades darker than your lipstick color, keeping it in the same color family with the same undertones.

    Should we keep liquid lipstick in fridge? ›

    Lipstick. Store your lippies in a cool spot to give new meaning to long-wearing. Heat is dangerous to lipstick because it can cause its natural oils to go bad. Keeping lipsticks refrigerated—or at least away from heat—can prevent the lipsticks' chemicals from decomposing.

    What ingredient make lipstick smudge proof? ›

    What ingredients make lipstick smudge-proof? Lipsticks contain ingredients such as castor or lanolin oil that can prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

    Is it OK to keep liquid lipstick in the fridge? ›

    Liquid Makeup

    These products have an expiration date once you open then. To make them last as long as possible, toss them in the fridge.

    What happens if you put on too much lip gloss? ›

    In addition, your lips can become dry, irritated, or chapped if you use lip-plumping glosses too much. And here's a bigger bummer—your tried-and-true lip-plumping gloss can become less effective over time if you're using it regularly.

    What ingredient makes lip gloss shiny? ›

    Also known as oils, emollients are the key ingredients in lip gloss that give it the shiny texture that consumers know and love in the product. Emollients can be both natural and synthetic and are often presented as lanolin, castor oil, jojoba oil, or polybutene, and vitamin E—to name a few.

    Why won't lipstick stay on my lips? ›

    Your lips tend to get dry a little too quickly. That's why exfoliating it regularly is essential. Scrubbing your lips helps get rid of dry and flaky skin, making way for a smooth surface for your lipstick to glide on and stay put.

    What color lipstick should a 70 year old woman wear? ›

    The best lipstick for older women is the one that suits her skin tone. If you are good with warmer tones, then your undertone is yellow. Therefore, your choice will be shades like scarlet, coral pink, orange, navy blue, brown, warm green, and cream.

    What colour lipstick should a 70 year old wear? ›

    A moisturising pink or coral shade with mid-strength colouring is universally flattering for mature lips and will ensure your lips look fresh and lively without being overpowering.

    Should a 60 year old wear red lipstick? ›

    There's a common misconception that we have to stop wearing bright or bold lip color as we get older—and it makes us madder than a wet hen. Pick flattering shades for your undertones, to be sure, but never, ever stop wearing your signature red or pink if you don't want to.

    Is Vaseline a good lip primer? ›

    You can use Vaseline as a lip primer

    To keep your lips looking pillowy-soft in matte finish, apply petroleum jelly on your lips before putting on your lipstick. For a glossy finish and extra softness, brush on another layer of petroleum jelly over your lipstick.

    Can Vaseline be a lip primer? ›

    Hack 5: Lip primer

    Vaseline does a brilliant job at smoothening out the surface of your lips, making lipstick application smooth. Smear some petroleum jelly on your lips and wait for five minutes. Swipe off the excess and then apply your favourite lip colour.

    Which lip to kiss first upper or lower? ›

    Cover your teeth with your lips, and try lightly sucking on either their top or bottom lip by gently pulling it between your own lips. If you're just starting out with this kiss style, focus on the bottom lip first. That tends to be easier to suck on correctly.

    What color lipstick to wear? ›

    A good rule of thumb is to correspond your skin tone with the lipstick shade. For instance, if your skin is light, go for a paler nude, if your skin is deeper go for a richer nude. The Best Lipstick Shades: Fiery reds and oranges pop beautifully on warm undertones.

    What is the line between lip and face? ›

    A short philtrum is a shorter than normal distance between the upper lip and the nose. The physical landmarks of the human face are very similar from one face to another. The philtrum is the midline groove in the upper lip that runs from the top of the lip to the nose.

    What color lip liner makes lips bigger? ›

    "The lighter the color lipstick you use, the plumper the lip look. Darker lipsticks make your lips look smaller, while lighter lipsticks make them poutier." You can use a lip stain, lipstick, a lip tint, or a lip crayon for this step, whichever formula works best for you.

    How do you line your lips to look fuller? ›

    To make your lips look bigger, choose a lip liner in a natural skin tone and apply it slightly above the lip line before blending it outwards with your fingertips. This will perfectly model your lips and visibly correct any unevenness.

    What can you use instead of lip liner? ›

    Instead of using lip liner, I use a lip brush coated with lipstick to line my lips. The brush helps my lipstick stay on longer without the color bleeding. It also makes for a cleaner-looking appearance and has saved me money over time.

    How can I make my lip liner look natural? ›

    More lip liner tips:

    Blend the edges to soften the line. “Avoid colour blocking; liner always looks more natural and polished when blended or smudged in,” she explains. Try using a tiny lip brush or simply pat it – gently – with your fingertips. — Use a hydrating formula, which will naturally plump your skin.

    How do you keep lipstick on for hours? ›

    Powder. This trick is only necessary when you really need lipstick to last hours and hours without touch-ups or having to worry. Using a translucent powder, gently swipe a very thin dusting over the applied red lip. Just as it sets your face makeup, it'll make sure your lipstick will stay for good.

    Does liquid lipstick last all day? ›

    Liquid lipsticks deliver more pigment than traditional lipsticks and provide a stain that won't budge throughout the day. But when it comes to swiping one on, there are a few things to know to help you achieve that perfect pout.

    Why does my lipstick come off so easily? ›

    Your lips tend to get dry a little too quickly. That's why exfoliating it regularly is essential. Scrubbing your lips helps get rid of dry and flaky skin, making way for a smooth surface for your lipstick to glide on and stay put.

    Why does my lipstick not stay on my bottom lip? ›

    When you don't exfoliate, color clings onto the very first part of your lip and this is most likely the loose, dry skin. Since they're loose, they will come off eventually along with your lipstick so exfoliate at least twice a week or when patches appear.

    Does lip primer help lipstick stay on? ›

    Lipstick primer serves as a base for your lip color, allowing it to stay put and lay evenly on the lips while reducing feathering and creasing. Is lipstick primer necessary? No, but it does help prep and prime your lips by creating a smooth base that makes your lipstick look better and last longer.

    Which liquid lipstick is best? ›

    Our Top Picks:
    • Best Long-Lasting Formula. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. ...
    • Best Lightweight. Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Liquid Matte Lipstick. ...
    • Best Pigmentation. Treslúce Beauty Bold y Atrevida Liquid Lip Tint. ...
    • Best Drugstore. ...
    • Most Color Options. ...
    • Best High-Shine Finish. ...
    • Best Transfer-Proof Formula. ...
    • Best Matte.
    Apr 7, 2023

    Do you need lip liner with liquid lipstick? ›

    Line your lips with the rightlip liner before applying liquid lipstick. Not only will it prevent your lipstick from bleeding but will also give a better definition to the lips. If you do not have matching lip liners, using nude, neutral, or skin-coloured lip liners will do the trick.

    What is the best lipstick that won't come off? ›

    Best Long Lasting Lipstick Overall: Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLust Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick. Best Value Long Lasting Lipstick: L'Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain. Best Luxury Long Lasting Lipstick: Dior Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick.

    What takes off all day lipstick? ›

    Petroleum jelly: You can use petroleum jelly as a DIY solution for removing lipstick residue. Like an oil-based cleanser, petroleum jelly works as a lip stain remover by melting away excess lipstick.


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