Fishing group's list of over 100 incidents and concerns since 2021 (2023)

The North East Fishing Collective (NEFC) has listed over 100 alleged incidents linked to marine life die-offs and incidents in the North East as the group continues to "fight for the truth."

Since October 2021, fishermen have been battling for the region's ecosystem after swathes of dead crabs, lobsters, and shellfish washed up on beaches. Environmentalists and fishermen fought for answers - with the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs eventually launching a probe.

While the initial Defra report said an algal bloom was the most likely cause, further investigations found that a "novel pathogen" was most likely to blame. Independent marine and university experts as well as the fishermen believed dredging on the Tees unearthed historical toxins leading to the mass die off - but this has also been ruled out by the authorities.

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Just last week, North Yorkshire Council backed calls for a public inquiry and a dedicated government task force into the mass marine die-offs, with council leader Cllr Carl Les saying that the fishing industry is "vital" to local people's lives and asked the government for assistance with compensating those affected.

Many still continue to dispute the findings of the Defra report and want a further investigation, as the report stated there could not be a definitive answer with the current data.

Stan Rennie, a fisherman and spokesman for the NEFC, welcomed the news of the council backing a public inquiry, stating that industry and environmental experts have been working together and "fighting for the future survival of the North East ecosystem, trying to survive as fisherfolk and fighting for justice."

He said: "The severe demise of the marine ecosystem, the local catches of the inshore fleets, and the local fishing fleets lost, forever, with over half the Hartlepool potting fleet gone to the wall, for sale or sold, and now one-third of the Hartlepool prawning fleet for sale or sold, alone, from one port!

"Never mind the other Ports affected, Redcar to Whitby and beyond, sacrificed die-off zone up to 12 miles offshore!"

Stan said the NEFC was looking forward to multi-council investigations meetings - which are due to be held with councillors from Middlesbrough Council, Hartlepool Council, and Redcar and Cleveland Council - to "further consider the evidence" relating to the mass die-offs.

Incident reports listed by the NEFC

The document has compiled reports from the NEFC, the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, fishermen, and members of the public since the initial reports of die-offs back in 2021. This table was put together by Stan's daughter Sarah, who is the acting secretary.

It must be noted that the log contains a variety of different reported "incidents" from small-scale wash-ups to larger-scale ones. It also includes information reported by fishermen in relation to catches, as well as concerns raised by merchants.

The Environment Agency has said recently that reports of hundreds of starfish washing up on Teesside beaches were natural events and normal for this time of year. They added: “Creatures like mussels, starfish, crabs and razor clams occupy rocky habitats and unfortunately can be easily dislodged during unsettled weather, onshore winds or spring tides – causing them to be washed ashore."

Date Location Species Description
25/9/2021 Greatham Creek Shore Crab Crabs on tyres at Gratham Creek were reported dead/dying.
26 & 27/09/2021 Hartlepool Area Crab/lobster catches Fishermen from commercial fleet noticed a significant reduction in catches. Lots of dead lobsters in pots. Weak lobsters dying before landed
5/10/2021 South Gare, River Tees & subsequent affected areas Crab/lobster & crustacean species Member of the public reported dead shellfish washed up at South Gare
5/10/2021 South Gare Razor bills Significant numbers of dead birds including 15 razorbills
7/10/2021 Tees Esturary Shellfish NEIFCA received EA email advising washed-up shellfish at Bran Sands and Paddy's Hole.
7/10/2021 Seaton Carew, Hartlepool Shellfish Email received from CEFAS informing of mass mortality of crabs washing up on the shore of Seaton Carew beach in Hartlepool. Reported to CEFAS by Hartlepool Council. Also, have anecdotal reports of mixed species in the mortality and querying if NEIFCA has received similar reports. CEFAS requested samples of edible crabs to rule out any disease agents.
8/10/2021 Redcar (North Scaurs) Edible sore crab and velvet crab The shore officer found areas of dead shellfish on the beach washed up. Clear visual spasming and struggling to breathe.
8/10/2021 South Gare Shellfish NEIFCA officers joint testing with EA of samples including lobsters. Large quantities of lobsters found in rockpools dead
8/10/2021 South Gare Shellfish F2F conversation between NEIFCA officer and member of the public reporting dead shellfish/crab in tyres.
10/10/2021 North & South Gare/ Seaton Carew Crabs/lobsters Reports of dead lobsters and other shellfish in the area. Starfish and oyster catchers were also reported dead in the area.
11/10/2021 Berwick (Spittal Beach) Crabs/lobsters Reports of wash-up at Spittal Beach at Berwick with 50+ crabs and lobsters.
12/10/2021 Redcar Crabs/lobsters Commercial fishermen reported black fluid on water over wide areas - stuck to hands, pots, and vessel. Other fishermen reported 50% - 100% of keep pot-graded shellfish dead. No adverse weather conditions.
13/10/2021 South Gare Shellfish Joint agencies' conversation with commercial fishermen - lobsters in keep pots dead after 24hr - no longer able to keep.
13/10/2021 South Gare Shellfish and sediment Conversation with a commercial fisherman about the loss of shellfish from keeping pots.
18/10/2021 Redcar Shellfish A commerical fisherman reported only catching three lobsters - only one viable as others dead. Had worked 225 pots/ 6 fleets. Concern over MMO landing app not recording 0.5kg.
18/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch LSP vessel reported that nothing alive at sea and the bait was untouched for seven days.
18/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Fisherman reported approx 10kg of lobsters in keep pot and only four alive. 40 years in the industry and not seen anything like this.
18/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Fisherman landed six lobsters from 200 pots working inside and outside of 2NM. No lobsters or crabs inside 2NM - bait untouched.
18/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Merchant & fisherman reported nothing being caught 2NM - no lobsters or crabs and bait untouched. Merchant reported survival rates in tanks decreased.
18/10/2021 Longscarr Buoy, Seaton Carew Lack of catch Phone call with a merchant who had been contacted by diving friend who charters trips. Had taken two commerical divers down buoy off Longscar - reported a completely full sea bed of dead crustaceans. Very deep in parts
21/10/2021 Hartlepool Area Lack of catch Phone call with commercial fisherman - no catch in pots and all shellfish dead week prior.
22/10/2021 Skinningrove Shellfish Reports of wash-up shellfish - officers patrolled area.
22/10/2021 Staithes Shellfish deaths NEIFCA met with merchant - segregation all areas of district into tanks. South Gare lobsters dying - spasming and struggling to breathe before death. Shore officers witnessed this. Lobster taken as sample. Reported losing 20-40kg a day of lobsters.
24/10/2021 Marske - Saltburn Shellfish Reports of mass wash up of dead crabs and shellfish on beaches of Marske towards Saltburn.
25/10/2021 Saltburn - Marske beaches Shellfish and flatties Reports of wash-up at Saltburn and Marske. MMO/EA/NEIFCA attended together - large pockets of dead shellfish and flatties with washed-up seaweed. Spasming and struggling to breathe.
25/10/2021 Redcar to Saltburn Shellfish Email received by NEIFCA over concern over dead and dying crabs washed up between Redcar and Saltburn. Reports of brittle limbs and younger crabs.
25/10/2021 South Gare Porpoises Reports of porpoises washed up at South Gare
25/10/2021 Tees Esturary Lack of catch An email regarding mass mortalities. Merchant in Staithes refusing to accept lobsters from Tees area.
26/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Fisherman worked over 200 pots and landed a small number of lobsters. Fishing 1.8 - 2.4NM offshore.
26/10/2021 Staithes Merchant concern Merchant concern about lack of info from agencies - not sure if safe to sell to the public. Merchant reported speaking to someone in Scotland who had seen this with green algae.
26/10/2021 Staithes to Saltburn EA phone call EA hotline contacted on behalf of commercial fishermen by NEIFCA - reported pots having no alive shellfish in them. Dead shellfish - five to 25 fathom of water.
27/10/2021 Marske Shellfish NEIFCA officers observed large pockets of washed-up shellfish on the beaches of Marske walking to Saltburn.
27/10/2021 Skinningrove Crabs & lobsters SM post (Teeside Coastal Wildlife) reported wash up of dead crustaceans - that could be seen on the beach. Also dead cormorant.
27/10/2021 Redcar Lack of catch NEIFCA officers has a conversation with the skipper of a commercial fishing vessel stating nothing alive within 3NM. Fished outside and some alive but many dead. Landings low and only two fleets in sea.
28/10/2021 Staithes Crabs MOP reported large number of crabs in rock pools on backs and clearly weaker than usual. Almost every rock pool had several crabs like this and all crabs were seen on their backs. Called EA but was advised to contact NEIFCA by EA.
2/11/2021 N/A Merchant concern Merchant email sent to NEIFCA over the situation - concern of expansion of area southward and may reach Whitby/Scarborough.
2/11/2021 Middleton, Hartlepool Crabs Reports on SM of wash-up of 100 dead crabs in Middleton area. Public reported their attempts to put shellfish on fronts as they were on their backs and twitching.
2/11/2021 Skinningrove Crabs Offshore IFCO crew came alongside vessel in North of District. Skipper showed dead and dying shellfish he was removing from pots.
4/11/2021 Hartlepool Crabs MOP reported dead and dying crabs off Marine Drive on the Headland, Hartlepool.
4/11/2021 Headland, Hartlepool Crabs MOP reported shellfish being washed up - NEIFCA officer observed 50-70 crabs washed up. One crab which was twitching taken for sample.
4/11/2021 Saltburn Shellfish SM post showing Beach Cleaning in Saltburn group reports and evidence of more dead shellfish.
4/11/2021 Runswick Bay Crabs Reports of hundreds of dead crabs washed up in RB.
5/11/2021 Redcar Shellfish Reported SM dead or dying shellfish on Redcar beaches. NEIFCA officers observed the above, one lobster was reported amongst crab.
5/11/2021 Redcar Worms Reports to NEIFCA from the chairman of Redcar recreational fishing club stating worms which have been collected digging bait are dying after a few hours. Not experienced before.
7/11/2021 Sandsend Shellfish Reports of small wash-ups of dead shellfish near Sandsend near rocks.
8/11/2021 Runswick Bay Crabs NEIFCA officers observed quantities of shellfish washed up on shore. Small in size.
8/11/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Fisherman-vessel MK fished various fleets with very poor landings. Several reports to NEIFCA of single-figure landings.
10/11/2021 Redcar to Staithes Lack of catch Phone call with merchant and NEIFCA - angry and frustrated as no support was given. Reports of fishermen selling up due to financial strains of landings. Every pot in fleet at Saltburn had been brought up with dead crabs and lobsters in.
11/11/2021 Redcar Lack of catch CEFAS & NEIFCA conversation with fishermen at Redcar - reporting landings down and what is caught is dying or twitching.
12/11/2021 Whitby & Redcar Lack of catch Fisherman told officers crabs caught were on their backs and twitching.
15/11/2021 Redcar Lack of catch Merchant told officers no crabs and very few fish in nets. From landings, it was reported that nothing was alive within 2NM. Reported diver been down South Gare and shellfish dead on sea bed.
16/11/2021 Whitby & Redcar Shellfish Fishermen reported fishing off Ravenscar walking along Stoupe brow there were large quantities of dead and shellfish described as spasming on shore.
16/11/2021 Robin Hood's Bay Shellfish Report to NEIFCA of wash-up of shellfish both alive and dead.
16/11/2021 Whitby Lack of catch Fishermen discussed with NEIFCA officers about nothing being caught inside of 3NM which is not dead or dying.
16/11/2021 Whitby Crabs Officers visited Stoupe Beck regarding shellfish wash-up. Reported signs of shellfish.
17/11/2021 Horden Beach Crabs MOP reported a pile of edible crabs at Horden Beach. Sent NEIFCA video link.
19/11/2021 Scarborough Lack of catch Fisherman report dead and dying crabs twitching in the pots near Wayburn Hyke.
24/11/2021 Staithes, Marske, Saltburn, Redcar Lack of catch Merchant call to NEIFCA regarding issues. Reported lobsters in his tank going on to backs and twitching and reports from those landing that dead and twitching shellfish in pots.
28-29/11/2021 Marske Shrimp Local fisherman reported washed-up shrimp dead on beach in Marske.
1/12/2021 Runswick Bay Octopus MOP reported hundreds of octopuses washed up in Runswick Bay. Officers went and collected samples.
3/12/2021 Headland Hartlepool Octopus MOP reported 30-40 dead octopuses on Marine Drive beach.
3/12/2021 Littlehaven, South Shields Octopus Reported beach was littered with dead octopuses.
6/12/2021 Runswick Bay Crustaceans Fisherman reported green shore crab, edible crab, velvet crab, and spider crabs all on backs bubbling at mouth and twitching.
27/12/2021 Boggle Hole Crabs Email from MOP with washed-up crabs on beach at Boggle Hole.
2/2/2022 Redcar Lack of catch NEIFCA shore officers discussed with fisherman that nothing caught off 2NM and concern over financial implications.
2/2/2022 Redcar Lack of catch Merchant conversation with NEIFCA officers about no catch or fishermen working from Redcar. Lobsters still weak and dying and often dead in keep the pot. Merchant losing out also.
8/2/2022 Hartlepool Lack of catch Fishermen told shore offices nothing was being caught in pots near Longscar buoy. No signs of life.
26/2/2022 Hartlepool Porpoises Dead porpoise
1/3/2022 Staithes Lack of catch IFCO's spoke with fisherman saying no lobsters only crab being caught.
1/3/2022 Redcar Lack of catch IFCO's spoke with fisherman who had 600 pots and only eight crab, five codling and 50k lobster over two days.
2/3/2022 Hartlepool Lack of catch IFCO's spoke with fisherman who had to move further off due to no catch in affected areas. 700 pots worked for 50kg of edible crab, 11kg of lobster and 30kg of codling.
15/3/2022 Redcar Crabs Reports of divers off South Gare looking for lead weights witnessed dead and dying crabs.
15/3/2022 Marske Lobsters Merchant told officers that in the last week one fishing vessel had eight lobsters which had died in 24 hours. Lobsters weak and going on backs. Merchant has been blue banding South Gare/Redcar lobsters to compare against Whitby/Staithes.
21/3/2022 Scarborough Crabs EA reported a contact had been in Scarborough and seen small amount of dead edible crab washed up on beach.
28/3/2022 Hartlepool Prawns NEIFCA conversation with prawn trawler reporting massive reduction of catch - landing only three or four of a basket of prawns fishing 2NM off Saltburn. Normally eight baskets in comparison from previous year.
4/4/2022 Hartlepool Prawns NEIFCA officer spoke to prawn trawler and reported no catch of prawns in area - usually fish 2.3NM out of Tees Bay near to dumping ground. No dead organisms caught either despite 90mm mesh. Had nothing in 6NM so has moved out to 9NM.
19/4/2022 Hartlepool Crabs and Lobster Reports of dying crab and lobster found washed up on beach at North Gare and Hartlepool. Footage showed crabs on backs and lobster on rocks.
25/4/2022 Hartlepool & Redcar Shellfish Officers attended Seaton Carew, North and South Gare areas and witnessed wash-ups.
26/4/2022 Hartlepool Seal & bird NEIFCA patrol witnessed dead seal and sea bird on South Gare.
28/4/2022 South Gare Various NEIFCA shore officers attended and witnessed quantities of lobsters, swimming crabs, razor clams and squat lobsters washed up.
29/4/2022 South Gare Various NEIFCA shore officers attended and witnessed quantities of lobsters, swimming crabs, razor clams and squat lobsters washed up.
4/5/2022 Hartlepool Lobsters Shore officers received dead lobster from fisherman. 15 lobster dead in catch.
4/5/2022 Saltburn Various Shore officers attended Saltburn to find wash up of shore crabs, lobsters, flatfish, codlings, squat lobsters, and swimming crabs.
6/5/2022 Whitby Crabs FIve dead edible crabs from fishing vessel.
6/5/2022 Redcar Crabs & lobsters One dead lobster and three edible crabs from a fishing vessel
9/5/2022 Staithes Lobsters Conversation with merchant had collected lobsters which had died in tanks from last three weeks from one fishing vessel. 15 in total.
9/5/2022 Hartlepool Lobsters One fishing vessel caught dead lobster.
13/5/2022 Crimdon Seal and bird Dead adult seal reported to Durham County Council by MOP. No signs of obvious injury.
16/5/2022 Bran Sands Lack of shore crab Officers investigated Bran Sands and checked 30 tyres. Unexpectedly empty as they would normally be found at this time of year. Black silt was also noted by officers.
19/5/2022 South Gare Lobsters Snorkeler reported to NEIFCA footage of a lobster on its back exhibiting twitching and lethargic behaviour.
20/5/2022 Whitby Velvet Crbs Report from fisherman of twitching velvet crab and lobsters in pots 1.5NM off Whitby.
24/5/2022 Staithes/Redcar Lobsters Phone call from merchant - fishing vessel had stored lobsters in 3 keep pots and landed catch totalling 100kg. Merchant lost 13kg of lobsters to death.
24/5/2022 Staithes Lobsters Conversation with merchant regarding symptomatic lobsters. Three to five showing symptoms.
31/5/2022 Redcar Lobsters Phonecall from merchant re: wash up on Redcar beach. Some lobster collected.
1/6/2022 Scarborough Velvet crabs Skipper from Scarborough caught 3 velvets displaying symptoms of twitching and on backs.
7/6/2022 Redcar Seaweed NEIFCA officers reported large wash-up of mostly seaweed across the beach in Redcar/South Gare. Officers noted it was a lot deeper than previous ones.
8/6/2022 Whitby Shore Crab Decreasing numbers of shore crab in Whitby Harbour reported. Reports of two shore crabs on backs blowing bubbles. Eight kept but normal numbers would be up to 100.
8/6/2022 Redcar Gannets Reports from fishermen gannets seen dead close to Whitby Harbour and Robin Hood's Bay.
30/6/2022 2m dumps Gurnards Pot bait skin burnt off
4/7/2022 Hartlepool Fish Sands Brown Crab Washed up - some twitching - mass wash up of seaweed and dead winkles
14/8/2022 North Sands - Steetley to Crimdon Sprats Mass wash-up of sprats
27/8/2022 Hartlepool Seal Dead seal floating around boat
9/6/2022 Whitby/Markse Lack of catch Fishermen reported to officers that catches are bad. Only small quantities of edible crab and lobster. Dead shellfish also collected.
7/9/2022 Whitby Lobsters Evidence of lobster with melted eggs.
12/9/2022 Hartlepool Lobsters Evidence of lobster with melted eggs.
14/9/2022 Whitby Lobsters Evidence of lobster with melted eggs.
21/9/2022 Marske beach Various Reports on SM of significant amounts of razor clams, mussels, bivalves, urchins, seaweed and flatfish, crabs and starfish washed up.
22/9/2022 Whitby Crab Evidence of crab landed with melted eggs.
14/10/2022 Redcar Beach Anemones Reports of mass wash-ups of anemones
14/10/2022 Seaton Carew Whale One whale washed up off Seaton Carew
14/10/2022 Hartlepool Lobster, sea mice, crab shells Fisherman's email with evidence of dead sealife in pots.
19/10/2022 Hartlepool Sprats Reports of dead sprats near Greatham Power Station.
20/10/2022 Redcar Lobsters Merchant reported more landed lobsters dying in his tanks.
24/10/2022 Seaton Carew, Hartlepool Lobster MOP reported dead lobster and crabs littering Seaton Carew beach.
26/10/2022 South Gare Various Reports and witnessed by officers wash-up of the following: whelks, mussels, swimming crabs, cockles, barnacles, winkles.
27/10/2022 Runswich Bay Barnacles Big tides - barnacles on rocks - can lift sheets up with fingers. Covered in silt and appear melted - some taken for testing
28/10/2022 South Gare Whelks Wash up of tiny whelks
31/10/2022 Whitby Lobsters Report from vessel five dead lobsters in pots at Saltwick Hole.
2/11/2022 Bridlington Crabs Skipper reporting hauling pots 20mile off Bridlington and having dead crabs in catch.
8/11/2022 Marske/Saltburn/Redcar Lobsters Skipper reported to IFCO officers six dead lobsters in pots in Marske and Saltburn.
8/11/2022 Redcar Lobsters Skipper reported to IFCO they had dead lobsters in pots.
14/11/2022 Whitby Lobsters Skipper reported to IFCO they had three dead lobsters in pots.
22/11/2022 Hartlepool Shrimp/krill Evidence of mass amounts of shrimp/krill washed up along the Hartlepool coastline.
7/12/2022 South Gare Seaweed and various IFCOs patrolled South Gare and reported seaweed, parts of lobsters, razor clams, dead man's fingers, and mussels.
9/12/2022 Hartlepool Seaweed and various IFCOs patrolled beaches in Hartlepool and reported wash up of seaweed, razor clams, crab shells and legs, dead trout and other unidentifiables.
8/1/2023 Hartlepool Lack of catch Email from fisherman to say that we are back at the starting point in terms of lack of catches
21/1/2023 Runswick Bay Seal cub Seal cub was reported dead. No visible signs of injury or trauma.
23/1/2023 Hayburn & Wyke Kelp Bed Kelp beds died - only stalks left
26/1/2023 Hartlepool Sea Hares Overtaking eco-system. No other life on the foreshore. Feeding on dead kelp.
27/1/2023 Hartlepool Kelp Kelp beds died - only roots left on rocks
6/2/2023 Hartlepool Lack of catch Fisherman reporting a significant lack of catch after a three-hour haul.
22/2/2023 Redcar Starfish MOP reported dead starfish and mussel shells on the shoreline walking from Coast Road car park to Redcar.
8/3/2023 Marske Starfish MOP reports starfish in the water pools at Marske. None were alive and an abundance of the species was reported.
29/3/2023 Saltburn Starfish & Razor clams MOP reported wash up of starfish, razor clams, and also mussels. Beach littered with species.
8/4/2023 Marske Starfish MOP reported starfish was up at Marske.
10/4/2023 Redcar Starfish MOP reported starfish was up at Redcar.
14/4/2023 Whitby Lack of catch Reports from local Whitby fisherman that the local fleet working lobster/crab pots from Whitby to Redcar and no brown crab or velvets. 500 pots worked in total.
15/4/2023 Skinningrove Starfish Fisherman from Whitby reported an abundance of starfish in lobster pots. Collected from fleets show an excess of species.
15/4/2023 Hazelgrove Starfish Report from MOP regarding wash up of starfish on the beach just down from Hazelgrove. Some were visibly damaged.
27/4/2023 Marske - Saltburn Mussels, clams. starfish etc Video from MOP showing extensive 'graveyard' sites between Marske and Saltburn - the crunching of debris is evident in the sound
28/4/2023 Saltburn Shellfish, starfish, razor clams, lobster, urchins, fish Wash up on The Ship side of Saltburn.
28/4/2023 Redcar Mussels, clams. starfish etc Reports of seashells, razors, mussels, clams and whelks, starfish, lobsters, and crab claws near the Warrenby outfall pipe
30/4/2023 Seaton Carew Mussels Mass wash-ups of mussels on Seaton Carew beach
1/5/2023 Marske Shellfish, lobster, raxor clams, mussels etc MOP reported a range of washed-up species on Marske beach
1/5/2023 Seaton Carew Mussels MOP reported the spread of mussels across SC beach.
5/5/2023 Seaton Carew mussels Reports of wash-up of mussels significant amounts between Newport Bridge and SC.
16/5/2023 Marske - Saltburn Various Approx 250 dead starfish on incoming tide between Marske and Saltburn along with mussels, razorfish, small crabs, urchin shells, and flat fish.
17/5/2023 Marske High Street Various MOP reporting dead sealife - people saving sea life
19/5/2023 Spittal Point Dead small crabs Small little crabs observed by MOP at Spittal Point
20/5/2023 ` North Sands, Hartlepool Starfish, small crabs, fish MOP reported a significant number of small crabs, fish and starfish amongst coal shingles.
21/5/2023 Marske starfish MOP reported video with a significant amount of starfish on the tide line.

Defra statement

A Defra spokesperson said: “We understand that fishing communities in the North East wanted as thorough an assessment as possible into the crab and lobster deaths, which is why an independent panel of leading marine scientists was convened in late 2022 to provide an objective and full assessment of all available evidence about the causes of the mortality.

“The panel could not identify a clear cause for the unusual mortality but suggested a novel pathogen as the most likely cause. The report includes a full assessment of the possible role of dredging, and concluded that maintenance dredging was ‘very unlikely’ to be the cause of the crab mortality, and capital dredging ‘exceptionally unlikely’ to be the cause.”

The Tees Valley Combined Authority said it had nothing further to add from a statement released following the publication of the crustacean death report. Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said at the time that "having read the report produced by Sir Patrick Vallance’s independent panel of marine experts it is clear that neither dredging, nor any work carried out by the Freeport, played a role in the crustacean deaths that occurred in October 2021." The mayor also called for Government support for the fishing industry.


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